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Counselling & Psychotherapy

How to benefit most from therapy

Personal change can be swift or slow dependent on many factors, including personal motivation, the severity and complexity of the problem and how ambitious your goals are.

  • Please be patient and come with a positive expectation that therapy will be helpful and productive.

  • Speak openly about your ideas of what will help.

  • Understand that change often requires practice and perseverance.

  • Be aware that no therapist can offer a guarantee of a cure or improvement.


Counselling and Psychotherapy allow clients to explore personal and emotional difficulties in a structured environment. A Psychotherapist is trained to listen and assist the client in gaining a greater understanding of the process by which they can become trapped in their own issues.

A session provides a space to explore experiences and emotions and get in touch with feelings and issues of conflict, through which the client can become acquainted with inner resources for personal growth and healing.

Most people go through times in their lives that are painful and distressing, when they face difficulties and decisions. Sometimes memories of the past, painful issues in the present or anxiety about the future can make it difficult to cope with everyday life.

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